Saturday, October 2, 2010

The First Entry

I used to wonder why people blog. I used to have an online journal a very long time ago... does anyone actually remember Xanga? If someone asked me that question right now, I'd say no. Of course not. But my eyes would be rolling in my head and I'd find myself looking downward while I silently remembered all those embarrassing late night posts.

But, lately, I've found myself reading blogs again. It started by a few of my friends attempting to document life changes they were going through. It was going to be great!... or so they said. I can count on my two hands (and maybe some toes) how many posts they collectively made. I still have those blogs bookmarked, and every other week or so, I stop in to see if they've updated. Sometimes I even leave footprint-like comments stating that I'd been there, and to my dismay (while not surprised), there were still no updates.

And that got me to thinking, every time I see these friends, I talk to them and find out what they're doing with their lives and I think, "Why aren't they blogging this?" Free online documentation that may make others laugh, or perhaps even cry? Maybe just a good hint or two about cooking or a new real life adventure? Come on! Wouldn't that be worth writing about?

Well, I am a real life writer, and in my real life world, I have real life things that are worth writing about. So here, right here, is where I choose to document them. But, be warned, this is my forum, and I will write out loud and it's all fair game... here.

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