Sunday, October 3, 2010

Does It Really Get Better?

So, I feel pretty sorry for the kid who felt so secluded that he had to jump off a bridge. It makes me sad that it takes death to get anyone's attention. It really does! Every single time someone young dies there is a bunch of media hype about the issue that caused said young persons death, and then it dies out and leaves the headline... anyone remember Sean Kennedy or maybe Jaycee Lee Dugard? These two events shocked our country in the last few years and now, they only gather minute highlights in the news, maybe to announce Jaycee Lee's kidnappers sentence, but that's about all.

Will Tyler Clementi be another name that gets overlooked once we have all moved on?

What irritates me most is that our shock and concern could start before then. It should start before then! 

What does it take for human beings to treat each other well? Will some kid working at some chain burger joint have to go ballistic killing all the customers and then turn the gun on himself/herself in order for people to stop treating fast food workers like something that we scraped off the bottom of our shoes? Or will the reverse need to happen so that employees of these places stop acting like customers are being a pain by even showing up? It's a two way street and if people would try to communicate, and if WE would just try to help, maybe like these guys on this site we'd make someone's day better. They made mine better and certainly made me feel a little better.Thank God someone actually gives a damn.

And just as a side note: we all have a Tyler Clementi in our lives in some way. You know that person you just can't stand because they honestly have fewer brain cells than a dust mite? What about the person who's got a stick shoved so far up their, well you know, that everything that comes out of the their mouths makes you want to hit them? Does homosexuality offend you? Does homophobia offend you? Either way, chances are there is something that makes you worth ignoring to someone else. So here's something I try to live by (although sometimes I really fail, especially when it comes to servers in restaurants, but that's another story for another day) Anyways... if you want people to grant you graces for your idiocies and imperfections, overlook their stupidities first and show them how it's done.

And if that doesn't work, well, just try and keep your mouth shut and smile anyways. And in my case, if you're a difficult customer at a restaurant, tip very well... and that means a minimum of %20 of the bill.

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