Friday, September 9, 2011

Follow Friday

Almost immediately after I finished my #FF last week, I thought of a blog that I'd read and connected with by Erica Lucke Dean . It was lighthearted and well written. It was also something I connected to... in so many ways. Thinking about the "eye rolling" immediately elicits a laughing "I know, right?" response from me. Plus, this blog she wrote had an intelligent and clever title: This is All Your Fault Gloria Steinman . #FF @ericaluckedean

@dbowenauthor A few weeks ago, I posted a tweet of desperation clearly stating my desire to quite possibly burn my book. This guy replied to my tweet, then we started DMing. Since then, we've been emailing me. He has been my personal source for all my writer questions. He handles them smoothly and with tact, something I certainly lack. So, when I am confronted with someone who can handle my abrasiveness I am forced to give mad props.

@Safireblade This crazy lady did line crits for me. And she's good at finding the places that need smoothing over.... keep tabs on her.  (Website:

@CiaraBallintyne I can't really explain this one. Her bio is impressive... kind of one of those people who are so impressive you are almost driven to jealousy. But, then when you talk to her, you realize how wonderful she is and then you can't be jealous because she's just too fantastic.... she just got her website off the ground... you can find it here:


  1. I don't know what to say... and I am very rarely speechless. I am honestly very touched. You've put a smile on my face. I had to drag my husband over here to read this! He's shaking his head now. Shortly he'll probably call me weird. Again. It's become a daily event.

  2. Dude!! How did I get in this post with all the cool kids? I can't wait until my hubby calls me weird too ;)