Friday, September 23, 2011

Follow Friday #4

I have been out of touch with Twitter this week. But here's what I got from the little time I was online.

Here's the deal with my #FF. If you've been to my #FF blog before, just skip down, you don't have to read this twice.

There are plenty of people who didn't make this list that deserve to be on it. I make my list throughout the week, and while I may post a #FF because someone has shown how wonderful they are, I will not repeat the same #FF just because they continue to be wonderful. They have to have shown how wonderful they are to me in that given week. If I've forgotten someone, I'm sorry, chances are I'll put it in the next #FF post. I do not give #FF just because someone gave them to me. That's not how this works. If you want to be one this list, write something cool or show me how awesome you are by interacting with me on Twitter.

My Follow Friday's/#FF

@ciaraballintyne She does not comment on every blog post I make. However, when she does comment, it really shows that she puts thought into what she has to say. She seems to take a moment and consider the post. Then, she either gives good advice or uplifting motivation...sometimes both.

@sirra_girl She's thoughtful and cares about her flock... and therefore, good to follow.

@vizprod He's hilarious. He has a pleasant mix of disdain, sarcasm, and apathy that I find quite funny. While he does display all these traits, he does not whine or complain. That and he's cool.

@LornaSuzuki So she's a published author who has returned DM's. She's also got her books in production. So that's cool. Did I mention she's interacts with people on Twitter? Yeah, she's got success and took time to answer my questions. Double thumbs up.


  1. I was surprised to find myself in your post this week. Flattered, of course, but surprised. As you said, you weren't around much on Twitter this week. I noticed, but put it down to the time difference, and the fact I myself was off Twitter a bit due to meetings and seminars that had me out of the office.

    So now you know I read your #FF post - even when I'm not expecting to find myself on it!

    A few people have written about me or mentioned me in posts since I joined Twitter - was it a bare 3 months ago? It seems a lifetime ago. And everytime someone does, I learn a little bit more about myself...

    Thank you for teaching me.

  2. Ashley, thought I'd drop by your blog...I didn't know you do such a cool #FF post. may I steal your idea? :)


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