Friday, February 4, 2011

Response and Feedback

Sometimes critiques sting. But as so many things that hurt, only good can come from it, right? Okay, maybe not entirely, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I will try to find the good to spite the bad. Now, that's just me, a real person in the real world. But what about our characters? Will they always try to find the good? Doubt it.

When all else fails... and I have no answer... or no good to find in the things I experience in life, I always have one singular good thing that makes it worth experiencing.... drumroll please.

Because it was an experience.

It's an experience I can pull on to write from. The situation may not be the same but the same emotions can be applied to a number of circumstances. For example, I like my space. I like quiet hours spent listening to music by myself. But there is a moment where that silence can be louder than a fire alarm at two in the morning. It's unsettling and disturbing at best.

But that same emotion appears in one of my main characters in a rather important seen. It works. So when I'm suffering something painful, especially emotionally, I pay attention to it and try to use it in my writing. Nine times of ten, I go write.

Writing always makes me feel better.

As Ever,

PS- I've been getting a lot of feedback lately, and I truly appreciate it, especially from you fellow writer bloggers out there!

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