Monday, October 10, 2011

Zombie Walk 2011

I found out my city was having a Zombie Walk. In the spirit of Yes Man, I decided, "Sure, why not." So, it was sometime in the early AM when I stumbled across this news. But, seeing as I am a 3rd shifter, it was nearing my bedtime. This was my plan, catch a few hours of Zz's and then head to the Halloween store, stock up, and then harass my friends until they either join me or help me in my endeavor.

Don't worry, no friends were harmed in the making of Zombie AE. Though, they were rushed. Makeup was accomplished in less than 30 minutes. Complete with liquid latex scabs and mouth that had eaten brains.

Anyway, I got a friend to do my makeup and called a friend who I thought would be doing it, too. That's right, I have friends who do these things without my urging...

People brought canned food as a donation. No idea how much we raised. Hopefully something. I know we raised at least 5 cans cause that's how much I brought.

This is the result of a bunch of people getting together to celebrate stuff.... (Please, keep in my mind that this is all in good fun. It is sometimes a good idea to do something that is out of your norm. In this case, I had a lot of fun.)

Part of the queue. Only part of it.

Hey, you know you gotta have an Elvis Zombie in his PJ's

Bride Zombie. Only one of these actually.

Clown and her boyfriend zombie

Voodoo Zombie, which I thought was really clever

Flapper Zombie

This isn't a zombie. This is what you feel like when you get off from work.

Just kidding, he's definitely a zombie.

They killed him. Or so they thought...

...cause you can't kill Zombies. Forget that double tap rule.

Most colorful zombie

Yeah, we had zombie hunters and survivors. Of course.
Fresh flesh is how zombies live.
Zombie out.


  1. How fun! I want to go on a zombie walk! Maybe I'll be a zombie for Halloween this year. Oh, I probably won't...I'll be a witch like every other year. But I'll keep my eyes open for zombies.

  2. I liked the Elvis zombie. Made me think of Halloween in Vegas. Which of course takes almost a week.

    But a flapper zombie? That is a first.

  3. Looks like fun! I'm with Stephen, I like the Elvis zombie. It's so Vegas.

  4. Funny, the colour I always associate with zombies

    I had never heard of a Zombie Walk before.