Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update, Rant, and Valuable links

I think it was last week, but it may have been the week before, I realized a completely insane and legal drug... It's called (drumroll please) not sleeping.

As it turns out, when I am (in no uncertain terms) delirious from not sleeping, the logic and oh-I've-got-to-get-all-these-random-errands-taken-care-of part of my brain turns off and all that is left operating is my imagination. Last week, or maybe the week before, I got a total of 9 hours of sleep in those seven days. Right now, I average about 35 hours a week, give or take a few hours. There are a few upsides to this: I write and edit much more productively. However, my spelling and typing abilities take a nose dive. I get more done, not because I have more time, but because I manage to focus. If I'm losing sleep it better be for somewhat justifiable reasons, right?

I say all this to preface how I've gotten so much done. I have finished editing my book, did I tell you I have a book? Well, I do. I started writing it about two years ago before I decided to go back to school. I finished writing it last summer and finished editing it this summer. So now I'm down to the synopsis... which is a 3-5 page summary of my book. Yuck. (I have already completed the query, thankyouverymuch.)

This synopsis is killing me. Why? Because, last summer after I'd completed my book, I started querying. I got a request for a partial... and a synopsis. I STILL haven't sent it in. I really want to shoot myself in the foot right now for not realizing how much school would get in the way of getting this submission in. Feel free to harrass me for my moronic error. Here's some good advice, don't query till you've got a synopsis. And, when the advice columns tell you to leave your writing alone so that you'll have fresh eyes to evaluate it, they are TELLING THE TRUTH! (I cringe to think what would have happen had I not done that!)

Even though this is just a plain old rant and update. I do also want to share some great blogs that I wish more people would read because that would keep a lot of people from pissing off agents that I'm querying.

Hilarious. Also makes me kind of sad for agents.

Doesn't try and be nice. Straightforward. Listen to it.

I just happen to really like this blog, it's a mixture of good advice, blogger interaction, life-as-an-agent-type entries. And, it is updated regularly!

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