Saturday, June 18, 2011

There's this girl...

There's this girl...

Many a great writer has used that as intro to a dialogue set. And seeing as I can't find another way to start this blog, I'm gonna have to use that line. There's this girl, well technically adult, if you go by government terms, that I got to meet today. She did this local short movie called The Saving.

She organized, raised funds, planned, wrote, directed (oh, you get the idea) the whole thing. She's already got tons more stuff in the works. She also managed to find and incorporate some local talent that happen to be friends of mine. This is where I first learned about MJ Slide. I heard her name passed around coffee table conversation, her ideas, her accomplishments... Then I see this film.

And I asked to meet with her because I wanted to know how she did this... How did she make me so utterly intrigued? If I want a good writer's chat I have two options: 1)Beg the one writer I know to find time in his crazybusy schedule for me or 2) go on a long drive out of state. I might have just found an option number 3.

So I sent her a message, (she's very accessible) and asked if I could pick her brain. No questions, she says yes. And we chat. I don't know why I'm so surprised by this, but I'm pretty sure in talking to her, I may have found the cure for any-person's-in-the-entire-world's artist's block. Seriously. She should probably charge. But she doesn't. My mind is blown. All this to say, I have a FB now, a twitter, and a new email account. I am venturing out into the world, and random-new-friend opened the door. Mind. Blown. Cheers.

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