Monday, August 1, 2011

Tired of Updates?

Me too.

Seriously. It occurred to me that I'm running in circles chasing my own tail. The only blog updates I have are about what my status is.... and I guess that is the point I made in one of my other blogs, the whole writer experience thing. Yet, I haven't posted any entertaining info on being a writer. Today, however, is a new day.

I started Book two.

That's right, I realize as I'm typing this that not a single person out there is really going to be excited about this like I am. One day, I'm sure I will have a following to get excited with me and to share my excitement with me.

We'll all jump up and down and scream together, "Yay, AE started a new book today!"

Anyway, I did start (writing) a new book today. But that's not the only thing, I've gotten a crap ton of fixes figured out for Book 1. This is a good thing. My book was good without these fixes... but now it's better. I realize I could send it out into the world the way it is now. But something has been holding me back.

I think there are two reason for this: 1) Not enough Starbucks 2)And not enough immersion. I don't get enough Starbucks because, let's face it, lots of writers are generally broke. The  immersion thing goes back to what Steven King says about being a writer: gotta write and gotta read.

My fault here is not reading enough. When I read, I become involved in someone else's story, someone else's world, and I also notice stuff that they could done better. And I do feel like the apprentice chastising the artist when I say that, but truth is, I notice it because I've made some of the the same mistakes in my book. I read a book and while doing it, try to hold my own book in my mind and figure out how I can make mine better.

Sometimes just being in another writer's world puts me more in touch with my own. That's what happened today, and I had at least 3 solid fixes. (They weren't really fixes, but perfect seeds for further explanation in other books, and also easily creates more believable depth to my protag.)

One solid fix tumbled into another great fix.

I don't feel great when I think about implementing these fixes, because it means I'll have to go back through and do some rewrites. It'll probably end up being a couple of paragraphs here and there. But these paragraphs will have to be edited and beautified. Ugh.

So, as a reward to myself, I'm letting myself start on Book 2. Story creating is my favorite part, after all. Coming up with the fixes was pretty fun too, but implementing them may serve as a bit of a chore.

I am also working on two article type pieces for my blog. Book first though. ;)

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  1. Thanks so much for the comments you made regarding my blog post about my book.
    I will try your idea about having someone else write the back cover.

    So you are starting book two. With mine done and still editing ad infinatum(sp) I have started another book as well. It is exciting to create other lives, worlds and situations. Much luck to you, I am excited for you and can't wait to read about your new adventure.